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Strategic Development Plan 2016 - 2020

The APHFTA’s Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2020 pursues “to promote quality healthcare services through the private healthcare sector in Tanzania and beyond”

Private-Public Partnership (PPP)

Quality Improvement

Disease Management

Reproductive Child Health (RCH

APHFTA History

APHFTA is an Umbrella Organization of the Private (Self Sustaining) Health Sector in Tanzania established in 1994. It serves as a public forum for the private health sector and provides a comprehensive array of advocacy , administrative, knowledge – sharing, and networking products and service to the Private Health Care Sector.

APHFTA  has a member facilities all over Tanzania Mainland, which includes Hospitals, Health Centers, Dispensaries, Clinics, Laboratories, Pharmacies / Accredited Drug Dispensing Outlet (ADDO’s) and Maternity homes among others.

APHFTA engage the private health sector in delivery of public health goods as per the Ministry of Health Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children guidelines. APHFTA is dedicated to improving the quality of care in the private health sector in Tanzania.

APHFTA Membership in Brief

APHFTA manages active membership 552 of over Private health facilities in Tanzania whereby DSM ZONE 269, NORTHEN ZONE 128, LAKE ZONE 90, and SOUTHERN HIGHLAND ZONE 65; APHFTA provide a number of services including advocacy, knowledge sharing, networking of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania and Private Health Facilities staff training.

APHFTA have a number of different programs that member facilities can enroll in, including, HIV/AIDS, DIABETES, MNCH, BOQ, MICROFINANCE etc. to gain access to all of these services, every member facility must pay an annual membership fee to become a part of APHFTA,

Charges are as follows

INDUSTRYCharger per year (Tshs)**
Health Center150,000
Autonomous Laboratory200,000
Specialized Clinic250,000
District Hospital300,000
Associate Member300,000
ADDOS Associations300,000
Regional Hospital500,000
Zonal Hospital 750,000
Diagnostic Center750,000
National Referral Hospital1,000,000

Member Login

Be a Member

By joining APHFTA, you will get access to training and programs that will help improve the quality of healthcare you provide your clients. For more information, please click the button below.

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